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Custom Jewelry, Expert Repairs, Detailed Appraisals

Let Plumb Gold care for your every jewelry need - we are happy to offer jewelry repair and appraisal services in addition to our custom jewelry design and our curated collection of jewelry pieces ready to enjoy.

Frequently asked questions

The process begins with a sketch or an idea.

Next, the jewelry is formed in wax, which is either hand-carved or 3D printed from a computer model. The wax model can be refined and modified to ensure that it fits your vision perfectly.

The piece is cast in gold using a lost-wax process. The jewelry is then polished and any stones are set.

From sketch to finished piece of jewelry can be as short as 2 weeks or as long as 8 weeks.

Yes! One of our favorite things to do is custom re-mounts. If you have gemstones or diamonds you are not wearing, we can create a new mounting so you are able to enjoy your gems in a new piece of jewelry. We can re-set heirloom gems into any of our designer collections, limited editions, or custom make you a new design.

Our Plumb Gold diamonds are hand selected based not only on their technical specifications but on their sheer beauty and brilliance. All of our gemologists and sales associates are knowledgeable and willing to find you a diamond that suits every facet of your desires. We have a no pressure sales attitude. We want our customers to be comfortable with all aspects of their diamond buying experience. From size and shape, to cut, color and clarity, we can provide diamonds of a superior quality at the best prices.

In addition to our ability to provide our customers with excellent quality Plumb Gold diamonds, we have found our niche in having the most beautiful examples of natural colored gemstones. Our selection of loose colored gems and designer color jewelry is unparalleled.

Even more than that yes!

To further our dedication to the best quality, we are proud to offer a wide array of Fair Trade Gems. These colored gemstones are guaranteed to be fair trade and conflict free. This means that, from the mine to design, workers and the environment are respected. They truly are guilt free luxuries. For more information, visit Fair Trade Gems.

In addition to our fair trade colored gems, all of our Plumb Gold diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict free.

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