PlumbGold Bridal

Designed In-House

Part of what makes Plumb Gold so special is that much of our jewelry is designed in-house. We have a selection of over 200 limited editions. On top of that, our custom and one-of-a-kind pieces set us apart from other jewelers.

We offer custom consultations to take your ideas and incorporate them into a unique piece made just for you. Also, we are able to re-create or modify any of our limited editions or one-of-a-kind designs. We can cast in any color gold or platinum and can make changes to use stones of any size, shape or color.

With any piece of Plumb Gold jewelry, we offer free cleaning and inspection. Bring your jewelry in any time to keep it looking like new!

Creating a Piece of Jewelry

The process begins with a sketch or computer rendering of a piece of jewelry.

Next, the jewelry is formed in wax, which is either hand-carved or 3D printed. The wax model can be refined and modified to suit a specific idea or even to fit a special gem.

The piece is cast in gold using a lost-wax process. The jewelry is then polished and any stones are set.

Custom Re-mounts

One of our favorite things to do is custom re-mounts. If you have gemstones or diamonds you are not wearing, we can create a new mounting so that you are able to enjoy your gems. We can re-set heirloom gems into any of our limited editions or custom make modern designs.